Helping those who help those who cure cancer*

January 26, 2018
Article by Maggan Phosworks
We are supplying our clients with everything they need to communicate properly. We have been making animations, apps and a bunch of other cool stuff for GE´s cell therapy divisions. *Cell therapy is a technology used when trying to find cures for cancer. Don´t get me started on how it works. Read a book.

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Looki, looki! More cool stuff

Prosecco and oyster friday

April 9, 2018 -

This friday we threw an all-you-can-eat-buffet of oysters and prosecco* as usual. That´s just how we roll at the castle. whooop, whooop! familyyy! yolo!


*ok i know thats not prosecco in this particular photo, but whatever. What are you, some kind of smartass?

Mourning Lill Babs by having massive breakfast

April 6, 2018 -

Well it is the importantest meal of the day right?

Operation “Red riding hood”

April 6, 2018 -

Every year Phosworks get to film horses. This time a large film crew went into the woods to shoot some wild horses. well kinda. There were two crazy days of knights, models, winnebagos and Jättenkex. Im sure something quite amazing will come out of all of this

New video premiere: Necrophobic

March 28, 2018 -

A bunch of Phosworkers were involved in the making of this little metal gem. Enjoy!

Down with the kids

March 25, 2018 -

We know what the kids dig aight! Candy, video games and cool reklamare. Thats why the phosworks booth was so cramped* with kids at the sci-fest.

*ok, it doesnt look totally cramped here, but these shots were taken before the opening ok? jeeez! Get off my back already!

Multitalented staff pt.2

March 10, 2018 -

Lovisa is multitalented. She can both beat the crap out of the motion boys AND jump in as sound technician. Be like Lovisa.

Preaching about film

March 9, 2018 -

So we have this cool dude at Phosworks. He is like the Yoda of storytelling. Last night he summoned a small group of disciples that wanted to learn about what he had to say. Look up Robert Agius if you want to be enlightened!

fatty fatty boom boom

March 6, 2018 -

We eat semlas like there is now tomorrow when its fettisdag. That´s a no brainer!

Phosworks love web and internet

March 6, 2018 -

Because we love internet we attend webdagarna. It was like dying and going straight to heaven omg!

Gotland students filmed in blizzard

March 6, 2018 -

You know what? Gotland is close to Russia, that probably explains why the weather is f**ed up. Phosworks went to the little island to film a bunch students hanging out in a blizzard. whats up with that?