Larpers in the night

January 2, 2018
Article by Maggan Phosworks
Another Grimner video straight from the PDI video squad

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Looki, looki! More cool stuff

Don´t try this at home

November 6, 2018 -

A small film crew was shooting a video in a carperters studio. The film was about a senior carpenter, played by Leifi, who sawed a new crack in his apprentice, played by jacke´s, ass. Not sure who wrote the script for this one.

Rubashov with a porn deck

November 6, 2018 -

The music video department made a new video for Martin Rubashov when he´s out playing cards with the devil and a porn deck of cards.

New website is live!

November 6, 2018 -

Hey! Check out the new Phosworks website. It´s like the coolest thing since Bullens pilsnerkorv!

Cancer sucks, eat cake

November 6, 2018 -

We hate Cancer so damn much. So we eat cupcakes and give money to charity. Lose-win-win!

Awesome place to work

November 6, 2018 -

It´s so awesome to work at Phosworks that the magazine “kollega” came to write a piece on us. Go team!

Scenes from an uneducated sweden

November 6, 2018 -

“If you are hungry and uneducated you might just put the mixer in your gob.” – An old jungle word of wisdom.

Helping poor people since 2018

November 6, 2018 -

You can now borrow money from CSN to get your driving license. We made an instagram ad about that

Leifi the giant

November 6, 2018 -

Leifi the giant is our new project manager. If you mess with me, you mess with him!

Dancing on the ceiling

November 6, 2018 -

The music video department went to the mines of ramhäll to shoot two new nightrage videos


November 6, 2018 -

The Phosworks film crew shot got to film a bunch of semi naked students going crazy in a pool. Yeah, you can´t have christmas every day, can you ?